Contract Guidelines

Please read the following information carefully.

We have developed these guidelines to ensure clarity and understanding between ourselves and our artists.


Please take note of the following clauses:

  • Artist contracts cannot be bypassed for any reason;
  • Artist contracts are delivered to artists at the start of their agreement;
  • Where relevant, you must use this form to provide the details of all existing relationships in relation to local bookings and residencies (or any other situation which may need to be reviewed under our leniency clause) within 14 days of signature of this agreement;
  • Failure to return a signed copy of your contract will result in termination of our working relationship;


In addition please be aware that:

  • ‘Pictures’ (i.e photographs) of your contract are not accepted, you must print, sign, scan and return your contract to us via email;
  • In order to save time (as our contracts are multi-page documents), you may return just the last page where your signature is displayed. However please be aware that doing so means that you understand that you are bound by the terms of the entire document and not just the page that bears your signature.


If any of this information seems confusing or unfamiliar please contact us directly.